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About the project

Super-small utilities to make it easier everyday for you to work, train and learn with your Madcap Flare/Blaze/Lingo/Capture projects.

Finish your best online help, knowledge base or documentation projects faster. Its developed in C#.

Batch builder for Flare or Blaze projects

Builds batch file from locations you choose on your harddisk to speed up and simplify the batch builds of your documentation or online help with Madcap Flare.


Page Layout Sizer/Editor

Resizes all your Page Sizes and Page Margins in a PageLayout for initial wireframe page designers in your Madcap Flare or Blaze projects. Reduces right-clicks substantially.

  • Good for fast set up of your initial Page Layout designs.
  • Good for converting all your page between Letter and A4 (UK sizes).
  • Best when you have a few page types (First, Title, Right, Left, Empty) that need conversion in each PageLayout.

Then use Flare/Blaze to fine tune your professional page layout designs.

37 PageLayout.png

NOTE Before trying out on your production projects, try first on sample projects, to see what it does.
This should save you some right-clicks.

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